Biolotus Biotech, Ltda. (Biolotus) is an independent Rio de Janeiro-Brazil based biopharmaceutical company with global reach. It provides research, development, registration, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

  • 2001

    Creation of Biolotus Brazil to coordinate operations and Market penetration in Latin America

  • 2002

    Enters the Brazilian Market

  • 2003

    Market authorizations in Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago and Dominican Republic

  • 2004

    Enters the African Market

  • 2005

    Regional operations in the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • 2006

    Market authorizations in Middle East

  • 2007

    Product range extension: Investigational New Drug Applications (INDA)

  • 2010

    Product range extension: medical devices

  • 2013

    Joined BioRio (research and production facilities)

  • 2015

    Starts operations in the European Market

  • 2016

    Partnerships for research and development of new products

  • 2016

    Product range extension: public health

  • 2019

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